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1 06 2010
Kylie Bocking

Hi Tara, I have just bought Ella a new outift for her birthdya and wondered if you might be able to make something for her hair to go with it before Friday afternoon. I know Lianna gets most of Ella’s hair things from you, so you know what she already has. The top is red long sleeve with a white undershirt and silver and black print. I also got some black tights with 3 silver butterflies on one of the legs. So basically anything red, black, silver and or white would be great. I also got Madi a matching ourtfit, but with dark grey, black, white and silver, so if you could please make the same, but without the red, that would be fabulous. Both outfits are a bit “rock chic” ish ! I’ll leave it up to you, I don’t mind if it is clips, headband etc as long as they come to $10 in total!
I can come and grab them from you if you like, or if they are finished earlier… you know where I live.

Thanks Tara, talk soon


4 06 2010

All done Kylie, hope you like the end product. Cheers 🙂

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